Locations in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon offers a variety of locations for players to explore within the zones and areas of Rubicon 3, the game's setting. Rubicon 3 is a desolate industrial planet characterized by a wide array of machinery pieces that appear to be extracting raw resources from the planet, depleting it for the sake of business. Despite the mission-based structure of the game, players can anticipate the opportunity to explore expansive industrial regions within the game world. As players explore the land of Rubicon 3 and ultimately tries to fulfill their ultimate goal, the player would have chances to meet NPCs in the game especially other Armored Core pilots both potential allies or enemies.


Locations in Armored Core 6

Rubicon 3

The story of Armored Core 6 takes place in a distant world called Rubicon 3, where a revolutionary energy source known as "Coral" has the potential to advance human technology. However, a catastrophic event called "The Fires of Ibis" unexpectedly occurs, causing devastating destruction on the planet and its neighboring star system. Fifty years later, Coral resurfaces, leading humanity to once again strive for dominance over this mysterious resource. Players assume the role of C4-621, a genetically enhanced human codenamed "Raven," who serves as an independent mercenary and skilled pilot of the powerful Armored Core. Guided by the notorious interstellar handler named "Walter," Raven undertakes missions for extraterrestrial mega-corporations while facing off against resistance factions competing for control over the recently rediscovered Coral.

The Dying Planet

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