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New Player Help for Armored Core 6

Getting Started in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 is a game that comes with a lot of Stats and info to absorb, so it is better to start familiarizing yourself with the basic beginner skills, maneuvering abilities and important Stats and upgrades. As you traverse the great spaces in Armored Core 6, you can use your Boosts and Dash horizontally or even maneuver vertically to get to higher ground. Players will have the opportunity to also try the AC Test, which will be an option in your garage to practice dodging and maneuvering. 


Building your Mech Armored Core 6

How you build your Mech and the pieces you choose will drastically affect your play style and how you will be approaching Combat. There are a number of replaceable parts, that will each have its own set of stats and strengths. Players can take advantage of these parts to find a good build that balances Melee and ranged combat. 


Energy in Armored Core 6

Energy will be one of the main stats you will constantly need to keep an eye on since a number of actions will require and consume energy. Energy is needed for vertical maneuvering and using energy weapons. Take note of your energy output rate. Players will need to manage your energy gauge and take note of their position on the battlefield as you adjust to your own energy levels and adapt your position as you regain energy when you enter charging mode once your energy is depleted since you will have less movement capability. Charging will take a short will, but can be crucial. Energy Weapon usage while your energy is charging will also not be available during this time. Players can consider switching out to different Generator equipment to modify Energy output and input. 

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Gaining Mech in Armored Core 6

Mech upgrades and customization can be done anytime from the Garage menu after obtaining new parts. This is done by gaining funds known as COAM in the game which is earned by completing missions. Players can then purchase parts, pieces and Equipment from shops.

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Gaining Income in Armored Core 6

Players will need to save and earn funds in order to purchase new Equipment from the Shop. Currency in this game goes by COAM. You can get paid to do complete different  missions. Some Missions will allow you to gain a Bonus Pay in addition to your Base Pay. However, as you progress through each mission, you can lose money by increasing your expenses either through Repair Costs, Ammunition Cots or Penalties. At the end of each mission, you will get a debrief with the results, tallying up the final income after breaking down your payment and expenses. This will then also add up your total income earned at the end of the mission. 

Armored Core 6 Game Objectives 

Armored Core 6 will ahve a main mission storyline you can follow which will each have its own set of objectives. You will have the option to play the next mission, Replay Mission, undergo training or do an AC test. All this is done while earning COAM in order to upgrade and customize your Mech as your progress through the game. 


Combat Explained AC6

Armored Core 6's fast paced mobility and action-packed combat will force players to find the right timing to perform each movement sequence. When facing different Bosses and enemies players will need to gauge what kinds of incoming attacks there are and decide whether to deal with it in the air or on the ground and when to use your boosts as you master dodging. In addition to considering different movements, players will need to keep at eye on their energy to remain airborne when needed. 


Equipment in AC6

Aside from the customizable parts and pieces that go on your Armored Core, there are a number of different Units that can be equipped at a time. You will be able to monitor the power of all your weapon Units from the bar meters surrounding your reticle.


Important Upgrades in AC6

Some early upgrades to consider to improve your mobility are to upgrade your Generator and Booster parts in order to improve the way your mech thrusts and launches into the air. Players can view all equipment to see all options while creation and upgrading their build: 


Repair Kits in Armored Core 6

Repair Kits were only introduced in Armored Core 6. This grants players the ability to heal your Armored Core to further balance the game and add an extra mechanic to the game so players can decide when to use them. This can affect how aggresively you wish to approach combat especially with more Repair Kits on hand. Players can view how many Repair Kits are on hand when progressing through the game to keep track of their usage and save them for dire situations. 


On-Screen Reticle Indicators in Armored Core 6

As you play through Armored Core 6, there are a few numbers, gauges, and meters to keep track of that will be displayed on your screen. Your reticle should be lined with 5 indicators, 2 on the left and 4 on the right. The outside ring indicators represent your Left Arm and Right Arm Weapons, each corresponding to the weapon side their indicating. Inner gauges correspond to the Shoulder Weapons. The extra bar on the right are for weapons that can be charged. An additional bar will sometimes appear on top of the reticle as you take in attacks. A similar yellow bar will appear on enemies. Filling this bar up will cause the subject to stagger, which means if you manage to fill up this yellow bar on an enemy, they will be staggered and temporarily vulnerable to incoming attacks. During this state, they can't fight back and their defenses will not be functional which will give you an opportunity to deal additional attacks. 

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