Endings or Endings Guide for Armored Core 6 features the different conclusions of the game, AC6 includes "Decision Missions" that pits the player to make a choice of which assignment to "sortie" and this will impact how your playthrough will end. On the Endings Guide page for Armored Core 6, we won't be including information about what the ending covers to avoid spoilers, but instead, we will include a guide that indicates a proper flow of missions that you should complete to unlock the ending. Please take note that it is a must to complete the game first and jump into your second, third, or succeeding playthroughs to unlock the requirements such as [ALT] and other exclusive Missions.

What are "Decisions" in Armored Core 6?

As you complete missions and progress through the main campaign, you will eventually unlock multiple missions labeled as a "Decision".

decisions armored core 6 wiki guide

These are conflicting missions due to your potential clients having opposing goals, and this will force you to choose only one between the conflicting missions. You are allowed to look at the overview of each mission and watch the briefing to see what the mission entails. Once you complete the decision mission of your choice, some missions will become unavailable on your current playthrough, and others will appear.

Endings in Armored Core 6

AC6 features three endings, and by following the recommended flow of Missions listed below, you can obtain the "Stargazer" achievement (awarded for completing every mission in the game) after reaching all three endings. Each playthrough or NG + Cycle requires the player to replay the game and progress through the regular missions from Chapter 1. Be sure that when you have to make a decision, do not choose "Replay Mission" in the pause menu, but ensure you complete it to lock in the result.

Replaying complete missions in the Garage will not change anything after you've completed the assignment from the selection of Decision Missions. Choosing and completing a Decision mission will automatically lock you out from selecting the other.

For example in Chapter 3, you'll have a choice between two decision missions in your first playthrough: Eliminate the Enforcement Squad and Destroy the Special Forces Craft. If you complete the first, it will become available in the Replay Missions tab in the Garage, while Destroy the Special Forces Craft will become unavailable.


Armored Core 6 Endings Guide

The first two endings, The Fires of Raven and Liberator of Rubicon, can be chosen freely at the end of the game in Chapter 5, when you face a choice between two Missions:

  • Intercept the Corporate Forces - Leads to The Fires of Raven
  • Eliminate "Cinder" Carla - Leads to Liberator of Rubicon

Which mission you choose at this point determines which ending you get. Both endings are available on New Game and New Game +. Players are free to pick any other decision missions as they wish, but if they would like to complete all achievements or see all missions in the least amount of replays, they should pick opposite missions in NG + vs NG. You can check missions you haven't done, as they will be missing from the Replay Mission list.

The third ending is exclusive to NG ++ and does require completing specific missions to achieve. The guide below ensures that this ending can be acquired, but is likely overly restrictive.

Alea Iacta Est

(NEW GAME ++ Cycle Required) Choose the following Decision Missions decision mission icon armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Chapter 1: [ALT] Mission, Attack the Dam Complex
  2. Chapter 1: Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship
  3. Chapter 3: Prevent the Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  4. Chapter 3: Eliminate the Enforcement Squad
  5. Chapter 3: Coral Export Denial
  6. Complete the Arena and defeat the last opponent
  7. Chapter 4: Complete Eliminate V.III
  8. Complete MIA
  9. Complete Regain Control of the Xylem
  10. Complete Coral Release

The Alea lacta Est Ending in Armored Core 6 requires NEW GAME ++ or a third/succeeding playthrough to unlock. If you follow the path that we've listed, then you can easily unlock this ending in your third playthrough. This path will have a new storyline where you'll play from the perspective of the opposing faction. First, follow through with the [ALT] Mission of Attack the Dam Complex in Chapter 1. After destroying the second generator, be sure to choose ACCEPT when given the prompt. Next, follow through with choosing the following Decision Missions:

  • Chapter 3: Prevent the Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Chapter 3: Eliminate the Enforcement Squad
  • Chapter 3: Coral Export Denial
  • Complete all Underground Exploration Depths 1-3 missions in Chapter 4
  • Complete the Arena and defeat the last opponent
  • Chapter 4: Complete Eliminate V.III

This flow of Decision Missions unlocks the Ending Missions: MIA, Regain Control of the Xylem, followed by Coral Release. This third ending is exclusive to NG ++ Cycle.

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    • Is it possible to unlock the Alea ending without doing the Fires of Raven ending? For example, you finish two playthroughs, complete all the available missions, pick the Liberator ending both times, and still have access to the Alea ending in the third playthrough?

      • While other people have noted that these mission "requirements" don't seem to be as necessary as they are outlined in the above article, I can confirm that by following these specific mission directions, you will unlock the Stargazer achievement for completing every mission in the game when you complete NG++ the first time. I recommend following these guidelines for that reason.

        • So I just tested this out across two accounts to verify, and these both unlocked achievements declaring them valid for completion. The Fires of Raven and Liberator of Rubicon endings have ABSOLUTELY NO REQUIREMENTS BEFORE THE FINAL DECISION.

          Once Xylem takes flight you can get the decision from Ayre and Carla. Regardless of literally ANYTHING you did before you get that same decision. For the LoR I sided with all the corp jobs and ignored Ayre, but sided with her in the final decision and got the Liberator of Rubicon ending and achievement. For FoR, I did all Ayre and Rubicon Liberation Front missions but chose to side with Carla in the end and got the Fires of Raven ending and achievement.

          The ONLY things decision missions lock you out of are the battle logs, the data acquisition, and the ability to replay those missions until a NG+ cycle. That's it. The only impacting decision you make on the story before the Allmind ending is the very final decision after Xylem takes flight.

          • Honestly as far as I can tell after multiple playthroughs, 95% of the above requirements are completely unnecessary.
            Has anyone had actually had any playthrough in NG or NG+ that locked them out of the 'Eliminate "Cinder" Carla' choice in chapter 5 that leads to endings 1 or 2?

            • So what happens if you don't meet all the criteria for any specific ending? For example, if you choose Destroy the special forces craft, Ambush the vespers (following the "liberator" line) and then end with Intercept the corporate forces (following the Fires line at the last mission). Do you just not get an ending or something?

              • Correction : The liberator of Rubicon ending doens't require a new game +. You can acheive it by simply following the mission guide but you do not need to choose " Refuse" on the Dam complex mission as the choise will not appear on a fresh playthrought but it will not change anything to the ending you'll get, just follow the mission order provided by the wiki and you're good.

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