New Game Plus, New Game +, or NG+ for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon offers players the opportunity to start a new game after completing the main campaign at least once. By meeting this requirement, players can embark on a fresh playthrough while retaining certain elements acquired during their initial playthroughs, such as Credits, Unlocked Parts, and more. It's important to note that not all aspects of the game carry over to New Game Plus, including Key Items that require specific game milestones to be completed.

This dedicated page for New Game Plus or NG+ provides relevant information regarding this game mode. It covers various aspects that carry over from the previous playthrough, outlines the conditions required to unlock New Game Plus, and highlights the specific attributes that alter the overall experience. This page serves as a comprehensive resource, offering information and guides specific to the New Game Plus mode in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

NOTE: You can only create a single save file per account, so all of your progress and customizations will be tied throughout your playthrough, including New Game + cycles.


New Game Plus Guide for Armored Core 6

What are New Game Plus Cycles in AC 6?

Once you’ve completed a playthrough, your progression and rank in the Arena will carry over to the next cycle of the game, saving you the trouble of having to climb through the ranks from the lowest level and completing the game from scratch. The difficulty of the game does not change in subsequent playthroughs, but make sure to pay attention to the Arena in New Game+ and New Game++, because even though there are no more ranks to climb, ALLMIND may have some surprises in store for you. New Game+ cycles are also home to alt missions, in which you can take part in the same events from a different perspective.

What are" Decisions" in Armored Core 6?

As you complete missions and progress through the main campaign, you will eventually unlock multiple missions labeled as a "Decision".

decisions armored core 6 wiki guide

These are conflicting missions due to your potential clients having opposing goals, and this will force you to choose only one between the conflicting missions. You are allowed to look at the overview of each mission and watch the briefing to see what the mission entails. Once you completed the marked missions, some missions will become unavailable on your current playthrough.

Are there New Features in New Game Plus?

Yes, New Game Plus features alternate routes for some missions, [ALT] Missions, additional Decision Missions, and additional parts added to the shop or unlocked, including new opponents in the Arena. We recommend about three NG+ cycles to discover all the new features and secrets that are exclusive to a New Game Plus cycle.

Are there Multiple Endings in Armored Core 6?

Yes, there are THREE endings available in Armored Core 6. Each ending will reflect on the Decision Missions you choose, while the other two require the player to replay the game in an NG+ Cycle to unlock new missions that are exclusive to New Game Plus. To learn more about the endings and how to unlock them, please visit the Endings Guide page

What Carries Over in New Game Plus?

The following assets are carried over when you start a New Game + Cycle in Armored Core 6:

  • Weapon Units
  • Frame Parts
  • COAM
  • Arena Rank


Unlockable Missions in New Game Plus

AC6 NG + Cycle Missions

  • [ALT] Attack the Dam Complex
  • Prisoner Rescue
  • Stop the Secret Data Breach
  • Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech
  • Defend the Dam Complex
  • [ALT] Underground Exploration - Depth 2
  • [ALT] Unknown Territory Survey

AC6 NG ++ Cycle Missions

  • Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship
  • Obstruct the Mandatory Inspection
  • [ALT] Attack the Watchpoint
  • [ALT] Survey the Uninhabited Floating City
  • Coral Export Denial
  • Eliminate V.III decision mission icon armored core 6 wiki guide
  • [ALT] Reach the Coral Convergence
  • MIA
  • Regain Control of the Xylem
  • Coral Release



AC6 All Arena Missions

invincible remmy arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
"Invincible" Rummy

Rank: 29 / F
Rewards: COAM 35,000, OST Chips x2, MAD STOMP Emblem, "Invincible" Rummy AC Data Preset

index dunham arena aremored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
Index Dunham

Rank: 28 / F
Rewards: COAM 37,000, OST Chips x2, BURN PICKAXE Emblem, Index Dunham AC Data Preset

g6 red arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
G6 Red

Rank: 27 / F
Rewards: COAM 40,000, OST Chips x2, HERMIT Emblem, G6 Red AC Data Preset


nosaac arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min

Rank: 26 / E
Rewards: COAM 43,000, OST Chips x2, BITTER PROMISE Emblem, Nosaac AC Data Preset

v vi maeterlinck arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.VI Maeterlinck

Rank: 25 / E
Rewards: COAM 45,000, OST Chips x2, INFECTION Emblem, V.VI Maeterlinck AC Data Preset

little ziyi arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
Little Ziyi

Rank: 24 / E
Rewards: COAM 47,000, OST Chips x2, YUE YU Emblem, Little Ziyi AC Data Preset


v vii swinburne arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.VII Swinburne

Rank: 23 / E
Rewards: COAM 50,000, OST Chips x2, GUIDANCE Emblem, V.VII Swinburne AC Data Preset

wu huahai arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
G3 Wu Huahai

Rank: 22 / D
Rewards: COAM 52,000, OST Chips x3, LI LONG Emblem, G3 Wu Huahai AC Data Preset

ring freddie arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
Ring Freddie

Rank: 21 / D
Rewards: COAM 54,000, OST Chips x3, CANDLE RING Emblem, Ring Freddie AC Data Preset


v v hawkins arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.V Hawkins

Rank: 20 / D
Rewards: COAM 56,000, OST Chips x3, RECONFIG Emblem, V.V Hawkins AC Data Preset

iguazu arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
G5 Iguazu

Rank: 19 / D
Rewards: COAM 58,000, OST Chips x3, HEAD BRINGER Emblem, G5 Iguazu AC Data Preset

rokumonsen arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min

Rank: 18 / D
Rewards: COAM 60,000, OST Chips x3, SHINOBI Emblem, Rokumonsen AC Data Preset


g4 volta arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
G4 Volta

Rank: 17 / D
Rewards: COAM 62,000, OST Chips x3, CANNON HEAD Emblem, G4 Volta AC Data Preset

v viii pater arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.VIII Pater

Rank: 16 / C
Rewards: COAM 64,000, OST Chips x3, DUAL NATURE Emblem, V.VIII Pater DAC Data Preset

sulla arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min

Rank: 15 / C
Rewards: COAM 66,000. OST Chips x3, ENTANGE Emblem, Sulla AC Data Preset


chatty stick arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
"Chatty" Stick

Rank: 14 / C
Rewards: COAM 68,000, OST Chips x3, CIRCUS Emblem, "Chatty" Stick AC Data Preset

middle flatwell arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
Middle Flatwell

Rank: 13 / C
Rewards: COAM 70,000 OST Chips x3, TSUBASA Emblem, Middle Flatwell AC Data Preset

v iii o keeffe arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.III O'Keeffe

Rank: 12 / B
Rewards: COAM 72,000, OST Chips x4, BARREN FLOWER Emblem, V.III O'Keeffe AC Data Preset


cinder carla arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
"Cinder" Carla

Rank: 11 / B
Rewards: COAM 74,000, OST Chips x4, FULL COURSE Emblem, "Cinder" Carla AC Data Preset

coldcall arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min

Rank: 10 / B
Rewards: COAM 76,000, OST Chips x4, DEADSLED Emblem, Coldcall AC Data Preset

v iv rusty arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.IV Rusty

Rank: 09 / B
Rewards: COAM 78,000, OST Chips x4, STEEL HAZE Emblem, V.IV Rusty AC Data Preset


honest brute arena aremored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
"Honest" Brute

Rank: 08 / B
Rewards: COAM 80,000, OST Chips x4, MILK TOOTH Emblem, "Honest" Brute AC Data Preset

g2 nile arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
G2 Nile

Rank: 07 / A
Rewards: COAM 83,000, OST Chips x4, DEEP DOWN Emblem, G2 Nile AC Data Preset

v ii snail arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.II Snail

Rank: 06 / A
Rewards COAM 85,000, OST Chips x4, OPEN FAITH Emblem, V.II Snail AC Data Preset


chartreuse arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min

Rank: 05 / A
Rewards: COAM 87,000, OST Chips x4, UMBER OX Emblem, Chartreuse AC Data Preset

thumb dolmayan arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
Thumb Dolmayan

Rank: 04 / A
Rewards: COAM 90,000, OST Chips x4, ASTGHIK Emblem, Thumb Dolmayan AC Data Preset

king arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min

Rank: 03 / A
Rewards: COAM 95,000, OST Chips x6, ASTER CROWN Emblem, King AC Data Preset


g1 michigan arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
G1 Michigan

Rank: 02 / S
Rewards: COAM 97,000, OST Chips x6, LIGAR TAIL Emblem, G1 Michigan AC Data Preset

v i freud arena armored core 6 wiki guide (copy) min
V.I Freud

Rank: 01 / S
Rewards: COAM 100,000, OST Chips x6, LOCKSMITH Emblem, V.I Freud AC Data Preset


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