Supply Stations in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon are strategic checkpoints carefully positioned throughout the battlefield. These checkpoints serve as vital locations where players can pause, regroup, and replenish their ammunition, a crucial resource within the Armored Core series. This new addition adds a strategic element to the game, offering players an opportunity to resupply and adapt their load-outs during intense combat situations.


Supply Station Locations in Armored Core 6

What are Supply Stations in Armored Core 6

Supply Stations are considered checkpoints in Armored Core 6, and can be encountered in some missions where players can interact with. Interacting with it acts as a checkpoint for players that restocks their supply of repair kits, ammo, Core Expansions uses, as well as acting as a checkpoint. If players' AC gets destroyed and all the repair kits are used up, players will respawn from the check point and will be granted with a full restock in supplies.

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Spotting Supply Stations in Armored Core 6

When players enter a certain area of a mission, they will be able to spot out the Supply Station simply with its icon. 

Simply interacting with the icon and players will gain a restock in their supplies.

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Using the Supply Station in Armored Core 6

When players come across a Supply Station, they may interact with it to restock their supply. Supply Stations can only be used once, so it is recommended to players to fully clear out the enemies around the area and finishing their ammo, expansions uses, and repair kits and such before restocking their supply.

Players will only encounter a Supply Station once within a mission, but a single Supply Station will not appear in every mission. There is no penalty to using a Supply Station, instead, it encourages players to take advantage of these helpful support units when they encounter them in missions.

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