Non-playable characters (NPCs) in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon are encountered by players and can be interacted with during the game. They serve an important role by providing helpful information and resources that aid players throughout their journey. NPCs play a significant part in sharing story details that contribute to a better understanding of the game's lore. Some NPCs are categorized as Operators or fellow Armored Core pilots that can be the protagonist's allies or enemies. This page will provide comprehensive coverage of all the featured NPCs available in Armored Core VI, including specific details about their locations, lore background, and other pertinent information.


NPC List for Armored Core 6

Mercenary Support

Handler Walter

handler walter mercenary support npc armored core 6 wiki guide 


Walter is your supplier of jobs on Rubicon. Little is known about his past, but he has direct connections with high-ranking members of the various corporations and factions involved in the planetside war for Coral. While not all of the people encountered across Rubicon immediately respect either him or yourself as handler and hound, Walter has a knack for convincing potential clients that your services are a cut above the competition.



allmind mercenary support npc armored core 6 wiki guide 


Where Walter is your human resource in the world of mercenary work, the AI mercenary support system, known as ALLMIND, is the machine behind the scenes that exists for all mercenaries. The origin of the program is a mystery, but ALLMIND provides registered mercs operating on Rubicon with a multitude of indispensable services, ranging from simulated training and combat exercises to access to the Parts Shop. ALLMIND also expresses interest in analyzing the battle performance of various crafts, rewarding you with experimental AC parts if you hunt down combat logs during sorties.


Balam Industries

 balam industries coporations npc armored core 6 wiki guide


One of the two extraplanetary corporations that have come to Rubicon in an effort to survey the planet for Coral and lay claim to it. Balam Industries employs your services to gain the upper hand in the war against Arquebus Corporation but has fallen behind its technologically superior rival in the Coral survey race.


Subsidiary: Dafeng Core Industry

dafeng core industry corporation npc armored core 6 wiki guide 


An affiliate company of Balam Industries that specializes in manufacturing heavy weaponry and armor. Dafeng is often the requesting client for jobs requiring mercenary assistance, with Balam handling the hiring process on their behalf.


Arquebus Corporation

arquebus corporations npc armored core 6 wiki guide 


One of the two extraplanetary corporations that have come to Rubicon in an effort to survey the planet for Coral and lay claim to it. Arquebus will often hire you to fight against Balam and between them are the leaders in the race for the Coral.


Subsidiary: Schneider

 schneider corporation npc armored core 6 wiki guide


An affiliate company of Arquebus Corporation. Schneider is often the requesting party and Arquebus then hires you to assist in their efforts.


Other Parties

Local Resistance Force: Rubicon Liberation Front (RLF)

 rubicon liberation front other parties npc armored core 6 wiki guide


The inhabitants of Rubicon who have come together to form a militarized resistance against the invading forces seeking to steal the Coral. Referring to themselves as "Coral Warriors" they seek to protect the sanctity of the Coral which is used to sustain both the planet itself and the Rubiconians who call the planet home. Their leadership remains more mysterious than either Balam or Arquebus, and while they're smaller in force, they continue to zealously struggle against the corps.


Space government force: Planetary Closure Administration (PCA)

 planetary closure administration other parties npc armored core 6 wiki guide


A governmental force whose reach outside of Rubicon is unclear, but whose reach across the planet is strong. You first encounter them in the prologue by fighting their heavy combat helicopter, but you can expect to see them again beyond Chapter 1.


Independent Weapons Manufacturer: Belius Applied Weapon Systems (BAWS)

 belius applied weapon system other parties npc armored core 6 wiki guide


The biggest supplier of weapons and MTs in the Belius region. All sides of the conflict use technology and weaponry supplied by BAWS, with the majority of MTs operating on Rubicon having been produced in one of their Arsenal MT factories.

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