Lore for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon encompasses a wealth of information pertaining to the game's story, setting, and world. It delves into various aspects, including the game's origins, key locations, and the cultural elements that exist within the world of Rubicon 3. Rubicon 3, an industrial planet devastated and exploited by machinery extracting its resources, serves as the backdrop for the game. Players assume the role of Augmented Human C4-621, embarking on a mission to retrieve the valuable Coral as requested by their handler, "Walter."


Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Lore

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon Lore & Setting


" Let the Last Cinders Burn. " 

The story of Armored Core VI takes place in a distant world called Rubicon 3, where a revolutionary energy source known as "Coral" has the potential to advance human technology. However, a catastrophic event called "The Fires of Ibis" unexpectedly occurs, causing devastating destruction on the planet and its neighboring star system. Fifty years later, Coral resurfaces, leading humanity to once again strive for dominance over this mysterious resource. Players assume the role of C4-621, a genetically enhanced human codenamed "Raven," who serves as an independent mercenary and skilled pilot of the powerful Armored Core. Guided by the notorious interstellar handler named "Walter," Raven undertakes missions for extraterrestrial mega-corporations while facing off against resistance factions competing for control over the recently rediscovered Coral.

Rubicon 3 & Coral's Origin 

" A Coral response from the generator. Watch out. " 

The Coral, an extraordinary resource that profoundly influences the progress of human technology, has brought both remarkable advancements and peril to humanity. The discovery of this material has yielded significant breakthroughs, but it also carries the potential for devastation, endangering both the planet and the human race. The recent trailers vividly depict the grim state of the planet, as it has greatly deteriorated and approaches the brink of destruction due to the catastrophic event known as the "Fire of Ibis," which engulfed the world in flames. At present, the origin of Coral remains a mystery, suggesting that it may be an extraterrestrial substance or material that has somehow made its way into human possession.

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Following the cataclysmic event, the reappearance of Coral has sparked a fierce competition among prominent corporations, all vying to seize control of this valuable resource for their own benefit. The ability to manipulate the Coral material translates into dominance over various aspects: power, wealth, and influence. Consequently, Armored Core pilots have been recruited as hired mercenaries to safeguard this precious material, even at the cost of their lives. The living conditions of humanity on Rubicon 3 are questionable, as what remains of the population is likely compelled to seek refuge underground due to the inhospitable weather conditions on the planet's surface.

The Armored Cores (ACs)

" Callsign Raven. Priority subject on termination, high on the list. "

The ACs, short for Armored Cores, are colossal mechanized vehicles engineered specifically for combat, exploration, and reconnaissance missions. These highly adaptable machines have become the primary weaponry utilized by Interstellar Companies in the world of the Armored Core Series. Notably, their versatility extends beyond just mobility, encompassing an array of shapes and configurations. This versatility stems from the customizable nature of their components, which can be tailored to suit the pilot's individual requirements and combat preferences. Whether resembling a tank, a humanoid figure, a quad-legged structure, or a reverse-legged design, each form possesses its own set of strengths and weaknesses. As a result, every Mercenary predominantly possesses their own uniquely lethal Armored Core, making them formidable and distinctive in their own right.

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In addition to its exceptional versatility in navigating various terrains, the Armored Core is capable of harnessing the full range of weaponry offered by manufacturers in the market. An extensive selection of armaments can be observed, encompassing all types of modern weaponry known to humanity. This includes small handguns, assault rifles, cannons, laser-powered rifles, blades, missile launchers, and numerous other options. This vast arsenal of destructive capabilities renders the Armored Core the most formidable weapon ever created by humankind, perfectly suited for both warfare and mercenary missions.

The Dying World & Interstellar Companies

" Let's see how far they can fly. On borrowed Wings. " 

The setting for Armored Core 6 is Rubicon 3, a desolate industrial planet characterized by an abundance of diverse machinery scattered across its surface, seemingly engaged in extracting raw resources from the planet. It appears that the planet is being exploited and depleted purely for the sake of business interests. The absence of a stable and unified governing body is evident, suggesting that major corporations, known as Interstellar Companies, likely hold dominion over the planet. Furthermore, given their name, it is reasonable to assume that these corporate tyrants also exert control over other planets within their sphere of influence.

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Abruptly, the attention of these corporations has shifted towards Rubicon 3, enticed by the reemergence of Coral, and they have developed a strong desire to acquire it. Furthermore, it remains uncertain whether these very Interstellar companies are the ones responsible for supplying Armored Core Weapons and Parts to mercenaries such as yourself. It is worth noting that these companies serve as the primary clients for Armored Core pilots, who, without question, carry out their bidding without delving into their true intentions.

The Protagonist, C4-621

" Augmented Human C4-621 has Awakened. " 

In Armored Core 6, players assume the role of C4-621, an augmented human who serves as both a mercenary and an Armored Core pilot. C4-621 has been contracted and operates under the direct command of Walter, an interstellar handler. At this stage, the motives of C4-621 are yet to be confirmed, and as an independent mercenary, there are doubts regarding their loyalty to Walter. Considering that C4-621's primary objective is to retrieve the recently resurfaced Coral, the same uncertainty applies to other mercenaries hired by different corporate tyrants. The question remains: will C4-621 successfully fulfill the mission?

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Alternatively, is it conceivable that C4-621, operating under the alias "Raven," might choose to retain the Coral for personal gain? Given the unpredictable nature of previous installments, the enigmatic identity of Raven leaves room for endless possibilities.


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