Repair Kits in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon made their debut in the latest installment, introducing the ability to repair your Armored Core. This addition sparked divergent opinions among fans, with some considering it a revolutionary mechanic. Undoubtedly, this feature grants a significant advantage to all players, particularly newcomers to the series. It is noteworthy that Repair Kits can be restocked at Supply Stations, further enhancing the advantages available to Armored Core pilots.


Repair Kit in Armored Core 6

What are Repair Kits in Armored Core 6

Repair kits are the most common ways of replenishing a player's Armored Core's health. Simply press ↑ if you're using a controller, or C if you're using a mouse and keyboard, and a single repair kit will be used. The number of repair kits can be seen underneath the AP on the HUD.

Supply Stations in Armored Core 6

However, if players run out of repair kits, there is a possibility of encountering Supply Stations in various missions. Supply Stations are used as checkpoints and stations where players can replenish their supplies and act as a checkpoint where players will be respawned with replenished supplies.

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Repair Kits in Missions in Armored Core 6

In any mission, players will be provided with 3 repair kits to use, but there will be a cooldown period in between uses. It is advised that players should save their repair kits and only use them if they have lost more AP than the repair kit can restore so nothing goes to waste, also if players know there will be a tough enemy or a boss fight coming.

However, players will have access to their AC's full capabilities but will not have repair kits in Arena Missions. Arena missions are shorter missions where players will go against opponents that are registered in the Rubicon, therefore it won't be as long as a normal mission.

Upgrading Repair Kits in Armored Core 6

The Repair Kit instantly restores 4,000 AP on the player's Armored Core but after unlocking OS upgrades, can go up to restoring 6,000 AP. Players can go to the OS Tuning menu on the Damage Control tab to use OST Chips to upgrade the optimization of the player's repair kits.

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