Units (Weapons) in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon are offensive items of an Armored Core and its primary means of damaging hostile characters such as Enemies and Bosses. In Armored Core 6, players have access to a wide range of weapon types through the Units system. With a vast selection of parts and an extensive arsenal of weapons, the game offers a staggering variety for players to explore. The Armored Core Series features an impressive array of weaponry, each designed for specific situations, which contributes to the immersive gameplay experience. From small guns and rifles to cannons, mini-guns, laser blades, shields, ammo packs, missile launchers, and more, the game offers an unimaginable level of versatility and intricacy.


Armored Core 6 Weapon Units Guide

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, the selection of weapons or units plays a vital role in shaping the gameplay experience. The Armored Core series is renowned for its vast array of weapon types, offering players a diverse range of options to discover. The game features an extensive list of weapons, each carefully designed to suit different situations, resulting in a captivating and dynamic gameplay experience. The level of versatility and complexity found in the weapons is truly unmatched.

From compact pistols to formidable rifles, cannons, mini-guns, laser blades, shields, ammo packs, missile launchers, and more, the range of available options is staggering. While providing detailed explanations for each weapon type may be challenging due to limited information, we can provide a general understanding of how the weapon system functions in Armored Core, particularly in relation to load-outs.

An Armored Core unit can equip a maximum of four weapons, provided the player skillfully manages the overall weight of the AC. This allows players to strategically choose the weapons that best suit their playstyle and objectives. The balance between firepower, mobility, and defense becomes crucial as players consider the weight and compatibility of each weapon within their load-out. It is through this thoughtful selection and customization of weapons that players can optimize their Armored Core unit for combat.

Equipment (such as weapons) CAN be obtained by replaying a mission.

Right Weapon Unit

In the standard configuration of an Armored Core, the right-hand weapon takes on the role of the primary armament. This slot offers a wide variety of weapon types that can be equipped. However, it is common for players to choose medium to heavy weapons for this position. These may include machine guns, hand cannons, rifles that fire laser or solid rounds, mini-guns, shotguns, and even pile bunkers. It's important to note that the right weapon unit is not limited to offensive weaponry alone.

Players have the freedom to use any type of arm unit they desire. For example, it is possible to equip two shields simultaneously, creating a more defensive configuration. Armored Core truly shines in its diversity, and developers actively encourage players to unleash their creativity by exploring unconventional load-outs and pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Left Weapon Unit

The left arm of an Armored Core is specifically designated for sub-weapons, including handguns and shields. It's worth mentioning that, if the weight limit permits, players have the flexibility to equip the same weapon in both arms. Alternatively, they can reserve the left arm for equipping powerful laser blades designed for close-quarters combat. Discovering the optimal combinations that align with your preferred playstyle is key. Shields, in particular, have garnered attention in the demo as highly advantageous in confined spaces. It will be fascinating to witness their performance in battles between Armored Cores, pitting one against another.


Left & Right Back Units

Back units are affixed to the shoulders of an Armored Core, delivering supplementary firepower in combat situations. These units serve as formidable arsenals, offering an array of devastating weaponry options. Among these options are Gatling guns, cannons capable of firing long solid rounds, plasma cannons, quad missile launchers, and more.

Although these units primarily prioritize offensive capabilities, players can also delve into utility-focused back units that enhance various aspects of the Armored Core's performance. These utility units may provide advantages such as extended radar range, enhanced booster capabilities, improved turning speed, and other beneficial attributes.

Armored Core 6 Expansion

In Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon, a recently introduced element known as Expansions has yet to receive a comprehensive explanation or detailed information regarding its optimal utilization. Drawing upon my understanding as an AC enthusiast, it is probable that Expansions will serve a similar purpose as the previously removed Hanger Units in this installment.

Hanger Units were typically employed as attachments for weapons or utilities, providing supplementary functionality to the AC. Therefore, it can be inferred that Expansions serve as the closest counterpart to Hanger Units, although specific specifics about their functionality remain undisclosed at present.



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