Game Progress Route for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon offers a recommended path of progression specifically tailored to the main campaign of the game. With a focus on delivering a concise summary of crucial elements, this page ensures that players do not overlook important aspects such as critical Locations, Valuable Items, significant encounters with Enemies and Bosses, as well as interactions with important NPCs. It provides an overview of the main campaign, guiding players towards reaching the end of the game. However, for a more detailed and comprehensive guide on fully completing each area and location featured in the game, it is recommended to visit the Walkthrough page. There, players can find step-by-step instructions and in-depth guidance to thoroughly navigate and conquer all aspects of the game.


Game Progress Route for Armored Core 6

Illegal Entry

illegal entry gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Reach the Catapult
  2. Obtain a Mercenary License
  3. Destroy the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter


Once you start the mission, you will be tasked to reach the catapult on the tower in front of the AC. A marker will be generated on the screen pointing to your destination. Go to the edge of the platform that you're standing on and activate your boost, then ascend upwards. As you fly upwards, your AC will run out of gas but you can make a safe descent below. Do the same thing again, by boosting yourself up until you reach the top. As you follow the path in front, you will encounter multiple guard mechs in the area, make sure to stay mobile as you fight them to avoid getting hit. These guard mechs are scattered but closing in shouldn't be a problem as long as you use your boosters. After defeating the guard mechs, proceed to the path in front of you to access the catapult. In the distance, you will see your target destination. A cutscene will play shortly after activating the catapult that will give you a boost that will send you flying. You will regain control after landing in the city and the objective will be updated.

From here, you will see from a distance the ACs you'll engage in combat, and Handler Walter will command you to eliminate these RLF soldiers. There is an enemy that will be attacking you from high ground so you can immediately fly over their location first and eliminate them quickly, then jump back down to the remaining enemies on the ground. When you're done, continue flying toward the city below where you will scavenge for a usable mercenary license. Handler Walter will continuously communicate with you and will be updating your screen with markers to check. These are the detected AC wrecks in the city and you will have to check each one if they're carrying usable licenses and, if it's suitable for your mech. In each location, you will be fighting RLF soldiers with different units. There will be some ACs with a shield that will require you to get closer to them and strike them with your blade. Keep following the markers on your screen that will guide you to each of the AC wrecks, and while on the way to the second marker, you will see a heavy combat AC from PCA hovering above the city. There's nothing to do at the moment except keep looking for a usable license. Each of these licenses will be marked and you will be stopped by multiple enemies.

As you proceed, you will find another catapult to launch you to the next marker where you will retrieve the license from the 4th location. While you are extracting the license from the AC wreck, the combat aircraft that was seen hovering earlier will come swooping in before Handler Walter could read the details of the license. He commands you to eliminate the AH12: HC Helicopter. While going against this boss, make sure to close the gap between you and the huge mech to avoid taking heavy damage. The AH12 is weak to blade attacks and you can use that to your advantage. There are also buildings nearby that you can use for cover and avoid its homing missiles. Make sure to use your repair kits when needed and if you get a chance while in cover.


Destroy Artillery Installations

destroy artillery installations gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Destroy All Artillery Installations


Once you start your mission, make your way to the nearest artillery. On your way there, you'll encounter two groups of enemies, you can use the multi-lock on your missile launcher to quickly eliminate the first enemies. Move forward and you'll encounter two light MTs, you can boost toward the two while gunning them down with your assault rifle, and once weakened, you can finish them off with your pulse blade. As you approach the first set of artillery installations, use your scanner to see the enemies behind the walls so you can plan your next move. These artilleries have extremely long-range capabilities but their firing angles are also limited, so as long you stay out of their line of sight, you won't have a problem. You also have to make sure to attack them from behind, as they will all have a frontal layer of plating, which will make attacking them upfront useless.

The second set of artillery is positioned almost directly opposite of the first set of artillery you dealt with. Approaching it head-on would expose you to their line of sight, making you an easy target for their fire, it is recommended that you head back to the opening in the city wall and flank them around the outskirts from behind. This will make it easier for you to destroy them quickly and it is the safer route too. You will also see helicopters protecting the artillery from above, destroy them and boost upwards, you'll see a light MT on the rooftop directly next to them.

The same approach is recommended for the last set of artillery, take a detour around the outskirts of the city around the wall until you reach the area. Make use of the structures and buildings around the area for cover for any incoming missiles. You can then leave out one artillery if you wish to rack up some bonus pay, then head for the final artillery if you've cleared the other enemies. Once you've destroyed all the artillery installations, the mission will be concluded.


Grid 135 Cleanup

grid 135 cleanup gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Annihilate the Dafeng MT Squad


Once you begin the mission, make your way along the tracks and follow the objective marker, it should lead you to a door. Then scan the door and it'll open for you, just up ahead you'll see multiple helicopters and there are some light MTs on the left side. On the same tracks, you'll encounter more MTs. If you press forward, there will be more assault helicopters, use your missile launchers and multi-lock to take them out quickly.

On the opposite side, you'll see another group of helicopters and a pair of guard mechs. During this time, you should see "TGT" markers appear on the last remaining targets, but you will get comms from Handler Walter stating there's a group of enemy reinforcements coming your way. The first two will come from the lower right side of the area, and once you deal with them, there will be four more coming from the south. The two on the ground are light MTs with shields, and the two above are quad drones. Deal with the quad drones first as they will be utilizing their cluster missiles that drop additional payloads as they travel. Once you've dealt with them, go for the two light MTs with shields. Try to get behind them and finish them off with your pulse blade. Once you've dealt with all the reinforcements, the mission will be completed.


Destroy the Transport Helicopters

destroy the transport helicopters gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Destroy All Transport Helicopters


Once you start the mission, you'll find yourself on top of a cliff. From here, you'll be able to see a squad of light MTs patrolling the area on the ground guarding the first transport helicopter you need to destroy. They will be too far to engage from here, so use your Assault Boost to reach the rooftops near the helicopter. Once you reach the rooftop, you'll get an excellent vantage point and you can easily take out the enemies from here. The light MTs will try to reach you by jumping over the rooftop, so make sure to use your scanner to keep an eye on them before they can engage you. Destroy the first helicopter and proceed to the next one.

From the rooftop, you will see the area where the next helicopter is located. You'll also notice a blockade in front of it with numerous light MTs and other support units, including a pair of artillery missile arrays. It's recommended to flank around the area as making a direct approach would be dangerous because of the artillery. Find an elevated position to give you an advantage on both the enemies and artilleries down below. This will make things easier for you and will allow you to bypass the shields of some units carrying them. Be wary as they can still jump to your location and block your shots. If you move from the front of those buildings on the other side, you will have the opportunity to eliminate two light MTs positioned on the cliffs between you and the last group of helicopters.

The final set of helicopters is located in the same area where you faced the AH12: HC HELICOPTER in Illegal Entry, but it is not advisable to use a direct approach as you'll immediately be under fire from the light MTs guarding the area. You can jump across the rooftop from where you're located and destroy the light MTs, then use your Assault Boost toward the vertical catapult and use it to reach the top of the structure and eliminate the remaining helicopters from there. Once you've destroyed all the transport helicopters, the mission will be completed.


Destroy the Tester AC

destroy the tester ac gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Destroy the Tester AC


Once you start the mission, you'll find yourself on a rooftop far away from the Tester AC. For this mission, the tester AC will be your only enemy, but that doesn't mean you don't have to prepare for what's to come. Fighting ACs are some of the hardest fights in Armored Core 6. This enemy will also have a silver Combat Log, you will acquire the combat log after defeating the Tester AC which will increase your Hunter Class. The tester AC will have its own pulse blade, a burst rifle, and an active homing missile launcher. The homing missiles are slow but have high impact and damage. So this enemy has all the weapons effective at all ranges. This is a straightforward battle, a one-on-one duel, so once you get close enough, the tester AC will engage. This enemy is not aware of your positioning at the start so you can take advantage of that, rather than heading directly, you can use the Assault Boost along the wall down and jump onto the rooftops. Go to the edge and you'll have a clear shot on the tester AC. Fire your bazooka and then fire off some missiles to stagger it, then start moving forward and attack with your pulse blade.

The pilot flying the tester AC is not a trained operator, so you'll notice it'll react quite slowly to some of your attacks, and it doesn't maneuver a lot. You'll also notice it backing away most of the time instead of trying to apply pressure on you. Because of this, the best strategy is to stay close and use an aggressive approach for this battle. You won't have to worry about the homing missiles if you're within close melee range as he won't be firing them. A single hit from your bazooka and a few hits is all it takes to stagger it and once it's staggered, you can land high damage with your pulse blade. You can keep a perpetual stagger state if you time your attacks correctly, just as it recovers from the stagger state, land another bazooka shot and missile salvo, this will stagger the tester AC immediately, if timed correctly. Try to stick close to it at all times if possible, if you're far away enough, it'll start firing homing missiles, which can be awkward to dodge since they're slower than normal missiles, but it's faster than your normal boost speed so you'll need to use Quick Boost from time to time to evade them completely.

It's ideally best to try to corner the tester AC with a wall behind their backs, this way they don't have a way to retreat and you can unleash a barrage of attacks, potentially leading to a stagger state, and then you can whip out your most damaging attack. Rinse and repeat the pattern and you'll make quick work of this enemy. Once you've defeated the tester AC, the mission concludes.


Attack the Dam Complex

attack the dam complex gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Annihilate enemy MT squad/Destroy target facilities
  2. Destroy remaining target facilities


During this mission, you'll be accompanied by 2 allies named G4 Volta and G5 Iguazu. The main objective is to participate in an attack planned by Balam HQ on one of the Liberation Front bases, the Gallia Dam Complex. You will be tasked to destroy infrastructures while eliminating any enemies that you will find in the area. At the start of the mission, you will be briefed by G1 Michigan and he will give you the callsign Gun13 (G13) for this specific mission. Handler Walter stays in touch with you and expresses that he prefers 621, or your original unit name. After the briefing ends, players will regain control of their mech once the combat mode is activated. The mission will begin once you have landed in the Gallia Dam Complex where you will be fighting RLF soldiers and MTs. Your target infrastructures will be marked on your screen. Destroy them and keep following the green markers that will appear. Your allies will engage in conversation as you continue the mission and you will be forced to listen in to them.

Enemies will be on guard in the location so be on the lookout for them. Make sure to utilize your boost and use them to engage enemies. After destroying 2 infrastructures on the mainland, you will be moving to another island across that one. Enemies will attack you from all directions so make use of your environment and dodge as you need.

Next up, while you are on your way to the 4th target, you and your allies will be intercepted by an enemy AC called Index Dunham. The boss fight will begin and the 3 of you will attack him together. This fight will happen on a giant ice field where the space is wide open. You can freely boost and slide across the field or fly up to gain the height needed. The boss tries to engage in a conversation with you, addressing you as a mercenary and questioning your allegiance to such corporations. When the boss is defeated, he will address a certain Father Dolmayan as if asking for forgiveness for failing him. Afterward, you will proceed to the target marked on your screen. You will see one of the catapults that you have used previously to reach the target above you. Destroying the 4th infrastructure will mark the mission as completed and you will be rewarded with 150,000 Coam.


Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship

5 destroy the weaponized mining ship missions walkthrough ac6 wiki guide

  1. Approach the Weaponized Mining Ship STRIDER
  2. Destroy the STRIDER's Leg Unit
  3. Destroy All Sub-Generators
  4. Destroy the Eye
  5. Withdraw From the Deck


Once the mission starts, you will be deployed in the middle of a desert storm, you will then need to make your way toward the STRIDER. Along the way, there will be enemies you will have to defeat to move on. The Mining Ship Captain will then activate the Eye, which shoots a blue laser towards you. Missiles will also be launched, so you will have to dodge both of these projectiles to avoid getting hit.

Once you get closer to the STRIDER, you will get orders to take out one of its legs. While attempting to do this, the missiles will actively shoot you as well as have enemies nearby to stop you. You can alternate between destroying the STRIDER leg and taking out nearby enemies until the STRIDER leg is compromised.

When the STRIDER has fallen, you may take this chance to destroy the sub-generators. Once all sub-generators have been destroyed on the rear end, the mining captain will disconnect the rear end from the rest of the STRIDER trying to cut you off. Make your way to the middle of the ship and continue destroying the sub-generators from there. There are 3 sub-generators that are on the sides and on top, this will make you exposed to the Eye's laser while trying to locate these sub-generators.

Once you've destroyed all the sub-generators, you will need to destroy the Eye. The Eye will still launch its laser and the missiles, take advantage of the time in between its attacks to damage it until it is destroyed. Once you've destroyed the Eye, you will get an order to evacuate the STRIDER as it will blow up after a few seconds. Make sure to get as far as possible so you will not get hit with its blast radius when the STRIDER finally collapses.


Operation Wallclimber

3 operation wallclimber missions walkthrough ac6 wiki guide

  1. Destroy the City Gatling Cannon and Tetrapod MT
  2. Penetrate the Wall and Reach the Top
  3. Destroy JUGGERNAUT Heavy Mobile Artillery Platform


For this mission, you will be deployed on the snowy grounds of the Central Belius and you will need to clear your way through the Arquebus. After making your way through the field, there will be several gatling cannons you will have to find and destroy. Once completed, head further deeper into the field to locate and destroy the tetrapod MT.

After making your way inside the wall, there will be several smaller targets you'll need to eliminate as you make your way to the top. Once you reach the top, you'll need to face off against the Juggernaut. You will have V.IV Rusty aiding you in this boss fight. During the fight, you need to create some distance from the Juggernaut as it can charge toward you, and there will also be structures in the area that you can use as cover. Once you've destroyed the Juggernaut, the mission will be completed.


Retrieve Combat Logs

retrieve combat logs gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Retrieve Combat Logs from Wrecks


For this mission, you will need to collect at least 5 combat logs in under 4 minutes. From your starting point, you will see two combat logs directly below the building complex you're standing on. You can look for a burning plume of smoke to quickly identify the wrecks. There will be multiple guard mechs in the area but you can quickly take them out with your missiles. The other combat log is near a street beside a building. At the outskirts of the wall, you'll find more combat logs. As you approach this wreck, you'll be targeted by a group of light MTs from the cliffs, you can use your missiles to take them out one at a time as they enter your range. It's recommended that you take them out first before extracting the log as it is dangerous and you'll likely take a lot of damage from incoming fire.

As you travel farther from the walls, you'll see another two wrecks close to each other, indicated by the burning smoke. There will be some guard mechs and light MTs in the area, start picking them off as you approach by using your missiles, then finish off the ones remaining with your pulse blade. If want to collect more combat logs for bonus rewards, you can go further down the crater, there are two more combat logs there. Be wary because in this area, if you approach one of the combat logs located there, the AC YUE YU / Little Ziyi will drop down and attack you from above the surrounding cliffs.

YUE YU / Little Ziyi will have a Gold Combat Log. If you've managed to collect at least 5 combat logs before you engage with YUE YU, you have the option to not fight her and just wait until the timer runs out for the mission to be completed. But if you wish to take her on, you'll have to take an aggressive approach. YUE YU has relatively low AP, but she's slightly mobile and you'll notice this as she'll constantly be moving around and try to keep you within mid-range whenever you approach or disengage from her. If you're able to get close enough, use your pulse blade to disrupt her shield. Once the timer runs out, regardless of whether you've destroyed YUE YU or not, and if you've collected at least 5 combat logs, the mission will be completed.


Investigate BAWS Arsenal No. 2

4 investigate baws arsenal no 2 missions walkthrough ac6 wiki guide

  1. Survey the Arsenal Interior


Once you start the mission, it may seem like the place is empty, but you need to be ready to dodge lasers at all times. Once you pass over the third road bridge within the BAWS facility, you'll encounter the first ghost positioned underneath a crane. If you think you can't make the dodge, raise up your shield, then use your scanner to reveal its location. Once you reveal their location, you need to act quickly as they can quickly vanish and reappear again at a different location. Once you're locked on to a ghost, launch a volley of missiles immediately and fire a bazooka shot to instantly overload its ACS, then a perfectly timed second bazooka shot should finish it off.

There will be a lot more buildings and structures for potential cover in the next part of the facility, but there will also be more ghosts in the area waiting to ambush you. Make sure to use your scanner from time to time and watch out for the laser rifles. You will then eventually encounter a melee ghost hiding near some scaffolding. There will also be a ranged ghost on top of a building so take out the ranged ghost first before engaging the melee ghost to make things easier for you.

There's one final group of ghosts waiting to ambush you just as you enter the interior facility. Once you enter, you'll hear Handler Walter warn you a ghost is aiming at you from behind. There are two ranged ghosts and one melee ghost. Make sure to use your scanner, dodge as the laser rifle shoots at you, and launch a volley of missiles followed up with a bazooka shot. Once you've dealt with them enter the facility and you'll reach a checkpoint.

Now make your way down the large chamber and head for the next objective marker. As you reach the area, you'll be ambushed by 4 ghosts, three ranged units, and one advanced melee unit with a slightly different moveset from the previous melee ghosts. The ranged units will be the same as the previous ones, and it'll only take two bazooka shots to destroy them. The best strategy here is to stay airborne and be mobile as much as possible to stay away from the melee unit while you pick off the ranged units one by one. The melee ghost unit has the same energy whip but it's got a different attack pattern depending on its proximity. Once you've destroyed the final set of ghosts in the area, the mission will be completed.


Attack the Watchpoint

attack the watchpoint gpr armored core 6 wiki guide

  1. Annihilate the SG Squad in Sector 1
  2. Annihilate the SG Squad in Sector 2
  3. Head for Sector 3
  4. Destroy the AC of Unknown Affiliation
  5. Infiltrate Control Center and Destroy Target Device
  6. Destroy the PCA SP Autonomous Craft BALTEUS


Once you start the mission, you'll first land across a base over the water. Move toward the objective marker a jump over the waters. There will be a PSA Subject Guard ahead of you in a heavy Armored Core, and another one to the right. If any of your weapons have adequate range and accuracy, you can easily take care of one of them from afar before they even notice you. Otherwise, head first to the left to take care of an immobile Enemy shooting a large Pulse Cannon. Getting hit by these stops your AC in its tracks, whether your running on the ground or flying with your thrusters so it's recommended to take care of them quickly first. Be sure to dodge its attacks as you get in close for some damage. Afterward, take care of the two nearby PSA Subject Guards if you haven't already. There'll be another Pulse Canon ahead of you on the left, quickly rush to it, applying the same tactic. Afterward, there should just be three more PSA Subject Guards, slow and heavy, on the lower levels.

Continue heading toward the objective marker, which should take you to a small path in between two tall structures. Sector 2 will be a landing area filled with more Enemies. As Walter will point out, there will be Enemies here with Pulse Cannons perched in the higher areas. If they catch so much as a glimpse of you, they'll fire in your direction. Be sure to manage your thruster levels as you keep moving to dodge their attacks. Head for the one closest to you to the right. There will be a lot of structures around that can shield you from the lasers as you come in close to them. The next two will be on top of the walls further on your right. Keep yourself low first as you hug the walls, making sure to dodge the attacks from the one shooting from the center of the area, and then head up to the two Enemies nearby when you're ready. Use the random structures on the ground to get in close to the central cannon and put a stop to it.

After clearing the enemies in the area, head for the next objective marker, this will lead you past a high platform in between two pillars. Handler Walter will then mark the location of your actual target in front of you past the bridge. Just as you make your way there, you'll be stopped for a cutscene where a first-gen Augmented Human named ENTANGLE / Sulla appears. He will start taunting both you and Handler Walter. You'll have to defeat him to be able to move forward. ENTANGLE/ Sulla's Armored Core will be faster than the rest of the Armored Cores you've fought so far. He'll be equipped with a Unit that shoots a couple of spheres of electricity at you. They don't travel too fast so you should be able to dodge them easily. Aside from that, his Armored Core also comes equipped with several Missile Launchers, so you'll have to keep yourself moving and manage your thruster levels. You might find him cornered by structures several times during the battle, and you should capitalize on this if you have any melee-type Units equipped. Once you've destroyed ENTANGLE / Sulla, you'll be able to head to the next objective marker.

Now make your way to the ground floor. From here, you'll need to have your systems hack the hangar and get it opened. Just get close enough and hit Access to do so. Inside, make sure to resupply if you have to, to prepare for the coming fight. When you're ready, move forward along the short hall and then into a large chamber. The target device that Walter wants you to destroy is down below. Head down and then hit the marked target with any of your Units. It should go down with a few hits. It will fully explode when you've done enough damage. You'll be told by Walter to come out as you watch the effects of your actions.

When you come to, you'll be inside your Armored Core floating down outside the main facility. Flying straight at you for a greeting will be the AAP07: BALTEUS, probably sent over as reinforcements by the PCA SP. As with most bosses, it'll have its Pulse Shield on when you engage, so you'll want to take that down first with the appropriate Units you have. Its body structure is made up of a ton of missile launchers and it'll make good use of it to start. Keep on your toes but watch your thruster levels, as always. When it sends all its missiles at you, it'll be a good chance to rush in with some melee attacks or point-black blasts. When its shields are down, keep the pressure up and pile on the attacks. As it moves, it'll switch to single attacks, and some rounds with its gat. Dodge them and get some hits in to take down its shields again. When it starts staggering, you can get behind it and keep it stunned by piling on some attacks. Be careful with this close-ranged tactic and always be ready to clear out when you see it building up some energy for a close-ranged shock blast. Once you've destroyed AAP07: BALTEUS, the mission will be completed.

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