Bosses in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon stand out as distinct Enemies distinguished by their significantly larger Health pool, heightened strength, unique attack combinations, and distinctive designs. These Bosses can be easily recognized with a lengthy HP bar displayed on the screen, accompanied by their respective Boss names. In Armored Core 6, Bosses are typically encountered at the conclusion of missions, and defeating them is a necessary requirement to fulfill mission objectives and advance in the game. Bosses in Armored Core titles often take the form of fellow Armored Core pilots or imposing mechanoids, each possessing their own distinct characteristics and strategies for players to unravel. This page encompasses a comprehensive compilation of all the Bosses featured in Armored Core 6.


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Boss Guide for Armored Core 6

Bosses in Armored Core 6

All Bosses in Armored Core 6 can be encountered during Missions. Bosses are powerful enemies, and these are adversaries that the player must overcome to progress through the story. They offer significant challenges to the player as they will pose a bigger threat than regular enemies. They often have larger health pools and complex attack patterns that forces players to learn and adapt to their behavior. You will encounter special threats that can count as "mini-bosses" in the game that sometimes won't require you to defeat them in order to complete the mission. Some "mini-bosses" however, are needed to be destroyed in order to progress the current objective of a certain mission. The game won't necessarily say that the enemy is a "mini-boss" but it will also have its name with a large health pool at the top of the screen.

Upgrading your Mech in Armored Core 6

Mech upgrades and customization can be done anytime from the Garage menu after obtaining new parts. This is done by gaining funds known as COAM in the game which is earned by completing missions. Players can then purchase parts, pieces, and Equipment from shops. You have to ensure that your AC is well-equipped and upgraded whenever you enter a new mission, as some missions will sometimes require you to change a few parts from your mech to make it suitable for the said mission. Upgrading your weapons, and tweaking a few parts is crucial in certain missions where you'll face a boss and your current loadout just won't cut it. Consider the boss' strengths and weaknesses and tailor your equipment to exploit those weaknesses. Upgrading your mech will give you a powerful advantage in boss battles.

Keep your eye on the Stagger Bar

In Armored Core 6, both players and enemies have a Stagger Bar. When the Stagger fills up, the target will be opened for attacks, unable to move, and can suffer significant damage.

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Make use of this mechanic to your advantage, and stagger the boss before landing your most damaging string of attacks. This could also be dangerous for you if you don't pay attention to your own Stagger Bar, so keep an eye out on both yours and your enemy's Stagger Bar.

Learn and Adapt

When fighting bosses, you don't have to defeat them in one try. If you are having a hard time beating a boss, try to analyze and observe the boss' attack patterns and movements. Understanding how they behave during certain situations is crucial in finding those openings for your attacks. If you lose, you can always try again and even reassemble some of your mech parts and try out a different approach, see what works best, and make the most out of your current build.

Manage your Repair Kits and other Resources

In Armored Core 6, resource management is everything. Managing your resources such as Energy and Ammunition plays a pivotal role when completing missions, especially if you're going up against a boss during that mission. It is a must to effectively manage your resources and the HUD helps you monitor your ammo count and your spares. The Repair Kits are also a new mechanic in Armored Core 6, these give you the ability to heal your Armored Core bringing light to polarized take from the fans or either a groundbreaking mechanic. This will certainly give leverage for all the players since old Armored Core Titles did not have the said mechanic and players were forced to preserve their Armored Core's integrity to complete the mission all throughout. This can affect how aggressively you wish to approach combat, especially with more Repair Kits on hand. You can view how many Repair Kits are on hand when progressing through the game to keep track of their usage and save them for dire situations.


List of Bosses in Armored Core 6

Armored Core 6 Chapter 1 Bosses




Armored Core 6 Chapter 2 Bosses


Armored Core 6 Chapter 3 Bosses





Armored Core 6 Chapter 4 Bosses





Armored Core 6 Chapter 5 Bosses





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    • For anyone having issues try the following to make this fight a lot easier.

      For OC Tuning get Weapons bay (required) optionally Boost kick for additonal stagger and Pulse armor or protection for some damage mitigation.

      For your AC build try to a balanced Bipedal frame. I used the following. this is just what I used I wanted a tankier/semi quick frame and this is what worked you can feel free to experiment but try to avoid the 4-legs or tanks as they're too slow.
      Head: HD-012 Melander c3
      Core: DF-BD-08 TIAN-QIANG
      Arms: Nachtreiher/46e
      Legs: DF-LG-08-TIAN-QIANG
      FCS: FCS-G2/P05
      Gen: DF-GN-06 MINGTANG

      For our weapon loadout we're going with 2 sets of main hand weapons to maximize pulse shield damage and another set for staggering and burst damage

      our initial weapons will be dual wielded: HI-16: GU-Q1
      These will shred his pulse shield extremely quickly. usually 1 reload is required. try to finisn out your mags before using weapon bays to swap to your next set so they're reloaded when he reshields.

      our second set is going to be as follow
      Right Back:DF-BA-06 XUAN-GE
      Left Back: HI-32: BU-TT/A

      Once his shield is broken and you've started the reload for your first set of weapons you'll quick swap to these and begin Pounding away with the bazooka and Sword's double srike (not charged) to burst large chunks of life off him. if he happens to get away from you and you picked the Boost Kick OS start boosting towards him and kick him to deal a large portion of stagger damage followed by either a sword strike or cannon to restun. you'll repoeat this until he reshields at that point swap back to the pulse weapons and burn his shield off quickly again.

      When he hits around 60-70% hp he will do a large Aoe detonation around himself. if you're playing aggressively the best way to counter this is to just pop your pulse armor and eat it you'll take a bit of damage but you'll be fine to keep up the aggressive tactics.

      it may take a time or two to get used to this build but it's extremely effective to the point where you don't have to worry too much about damage taken as the boss will almost consistently be stun locked.

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