Generators in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon provide power to Armored Cores and dictate the duration of the Energy Gauge. The lengthier the Energy Gauge, the more extended the AC can utilize its boost and remain airborne. In Armored Core 6, the traditional Radiators, which were a staple part of the series, have been eliminated. Instead, Generators now possess the capability to cool themselves autonomously. This page provides the list of all the Generators in the game with their stats and features.


Armored Core 6: Generator Overview

The primary engine of an Armored Core serves as the core power source, supplying energy to the AC and influencing the duration of the Energy Gauge. A longer Energy Gauge allows the AC to sustain its boost and remain airborne for extended periods. Notably, in Armored Core 6, the series has undergone a change by eliminating Radiators, which have long been a staple component. Instead, Generators have been introduced to the game, featuring the ability to self-cool without the need for Radiators.

Equipping the right generator is the key to making your build work. Each generator has different values of EN Capacity and EN Output. These indicate how much energy your mech has to use and if the generator can produce enough energy for the parts equipped on your mech.

You would also need to consider the different weights and sizes of these Generators. It's often that a more potent and effective generator will weigh more, and having too much load can affect your mech's overall mobility. So it is important to find a balance between power and weight to ensure your mech can remain agile and still have enough energy for your preferred loadouts.

Different Generator Types in AC6

There are different Generator types in Armored Core 6 and each has varying power output levels which affect your mech's overall energy capacity. As already mentioned above, the Generator's primary function is to supply power to your mech's various parts such as weapons and boosters.

generator unit selection armored core 6 wiki guide 300px

Each part on your mech requires a specific amount of power, and it's crucial to select a generator that can provide you enough power to support your current loadout effectively.

AC6: Generator Synergy

As with all the parts that make up your mech's build, the Generator you choose is crucial and its energy capacity, recharge, and output should somehow align with your overall mech build. Always consider how it synergizes with other components from your build.

AC6: Energy Management

Having enough energy is crucial for operating various systems on your mech and having a higher energy capacity allows you to use more energy-intensive equipment and perform actions that consume more energy. Besides energy capacity, the recharge rate of a Generator is also vital, and having a faster recharge rate can help you in certain combat situations as it allows you to replenish energy more quickly and make it easier to sustain prolonged engagements, this can be crucial during intense battles. Having a Generator that can consume less energy when operating various systems and still be efficient can help you make the most out of your energy resources during extended battles.

AC6: Mobility and Weight

All Generators in Armored Core 6 come in different sizes and weights, and this can impact your mech's overall mobility and performance. Heavier Generators tend to be more potent but will slow down your mech and reduce its maneuverability, lighter ones offer more agility but at the cost of some stats. It's important to find the balance between the output and weight when choosing your Generator to ensure your mech's agility and maintain mobility when engaging in combat. 



All Generator Parts in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon

Armored Core 6: Generators Table
Armored Core 6: Generators Gallery


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Quick Search of All Generators in AC6 

Name EN Capacity EN Recharge Supply Recovery Post-Recovery EN Supply Energy Firearm Spec. Weight EN Output
ag j 098 joso generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min
2200 769 400  400  72 3420 2600
ag e 013 yaba generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min
2550 1000 500 1000  95  5080 3000
AG-T-005 HOKUSHI 3160 952 370 850 90 7080 3810
df gn 02 ling tai generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min
2000 2000 833  280 61  3860 2340
df gn 06 ming tang generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min
2900 1250 666  440 76  6320 3160
df gn 08 san tai generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min
4420 1176


810  88  10060


VP-20S 2500 833


1200 94 3800


vp 20c generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min
2720 909 454  1100  100 5320 3670

vp 20d generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min


3250 714 384  1400 98  11030 4430
ve 20a generator frame armored core 6 wiki guide 257px min
2460 740 416  600  116 3590 3120
VE-20B 3300 763 392 800 150 5860 2890
VE-20C 3690 555 377 720 128 10130 4090

ia c01g aorta


3250 714 384 2000  105  11030 4430

IB-C03G: NGI 000

4400 250 312 3300 110 8950 4340

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