Walkthrough for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon provides an extensive guide aimed at achieving 100% completion of the various Locations featured in the game. This comprehensive guide offers valuable information and details about specific encounters with characters, including Enemies, Bosses, NPCs, and essential Items crucial to the main campaign of Armored Core 6. The Walkthrough is designed to assist players in navigating their gameplay, highlighting objectives, and ensuring the full accomplishment of the game's story. Additionally, for an overview of a recommended progress path, players can refer to the Game Progress Route page, which offers a strategic roadmap for their journey.


All Armored Core 6 Missions


AC6 Chapter 5 Missions

  • Escape
  • Intercept the Corporate Forces decision mission icon armored core 6 wiki guide
  • Eliminate "Cinder" Carla decision mission icon armored core 6 wiki guide

The Following Missions will unlock depending on the Decision Missions you've chosen above, and for the rest. Please visit the Endings Guide page for more.

  • Breach the Karman Line
  • Destroy the Drive Block
  • Shut Down the Closure Satellites
  • Bring down the Xylem

The following missions can only be accessed via entering new game++ and achieving both the good and bad endings :

  • MIA
  • Regain Control of the Xylem
  • Coral release



Walkthrough for Armored Core 6

Illegal Entry is a Mission in Armored Core 6. Illegal Entry Is the first mission you will take in Armored Core 6 and the main objective is to acquire a license from the AC wrecks in a distant land called ISB2262 or Rubicon 3 while teaching players the basics of the game. This mission takes place at Rubicon 13. Please see Missions for a full walkthrough on other missions.


illegal entry header missions armored core 6 wiki guide min

General Information

  • Combat Zone: Southern Belius—Grid 135/Contaminated City
  • Client: Handler Walter
  • Reward: 170,000 COAM
  • Max Bonus Pay: —

Mission Objectives

  • Reach the Catapult
  • Obtain a Mercenary License
  • Destroy the PCA Heavy Combat Helicopter

Completion Unlocks

  • Sortie Menu
  • AC Design Menu
  • Beginner Training 1: Basic Controls


Illegal Entry Map

[map coming soon]


Related NPCs

  • Handler Walter



  • Guard Mechs
  • Aerial Defense Drones
  • Bipedal MTs



Key Items

  • n/a


Full Illegal Entry Walkthrough

Mission Description

Raven.’ That’s your new name here on Rubicon.” — Handler Walter


Having made your way to the surface of Rubicon, your first mission is to assume the identity of a fallen pilot so that you can register as a mercenary and get your license to conduct business on the planet. You’ll spend the introductory section learning the basic controls and getting a feel for piloting your AC, and must then head to the contaminated city to find your new license. You can approach the potential locations in any order you like; however, there are numerous enemies patrolling the city that will engage you on sight.

You don’t have to destroy any enemies other than the one you encounter at the end of the mission, but it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the game’s combat by engaging targets along the way. The basic enemies here provide a sample of what combat will be like moving forward. However, this mission’s boss, an AH12: HC HELICOPTER, will pose a challenge to new players.

Keep in mind that it’s best to avoid being overly reliant on your missile launcher to dispatch light MTs while exploring the city, or you run the risk of depleting its limited ammo reserves before the final encounter; your pulse blade has no ammunition constraints, so using it whenever possible is a good ammo saving option.

Recommended Assembly

You’re provided with only a base AC for this mission, and its capabilities are average, both defensively and offensively. Your RF-024 TURNER is a solid mid-range weapon that can dispatch most enemies in this mission with just a few shots, but if you come across a group, the multi-lock capabilities of the BML-G1/P20MLT-04 will serve you better. Nothing in your current equipment can match the pure power of your pulse blade, however, and taking some time early in the mission to get used to the ranges at which it can hit enemies will make things much easier for you toward the end.

Reach the Catapult

The mission begins with the arrival of Augmented Human C4-621 at Rubicon 3, also addressed as ISB2262. Throughout the mission, Handler Walter can be heard communicating commands and updating the mission's objectives. For the first objective, you will be tasked to reach the catapult on the tower in front of the AC. After the cutscene, players will be able to take control of their AC after the combat mode has been activated, giving them full control.

1 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min2 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min

A marker will be generated on the screen pointing to your destination. Go to the edge of the platform that you're standing on and activate your boost by pressing on W + Tab, then Tap and Hold the Jump key, which is Space to Ascend. As you fly upwards, your AC will run out of gas but you can make a safe descent below. Do the same thing again, by boosting yourself up until you reach the top. As you follow the path in front, Handler Walter will communicate with you to clear out the guard mechs which is also the perfect chance to test the new AC. There are multiple enemies in this area and make sure to stay mobile as you fight them to avoid getting hit.

4 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min4 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min5 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min

These guard mechs are scattered but closing in shouldn't be a problem as long as you use your boosters. After defeating the guard mechs, proceed to the path in front of you to access the catapult. In the distance, you will see your target destination. A cutscene will play shortly after activating the catapult that will give the C4-621 a boost that will send it flying. Players will regain control after landing in the city and the objective will be updated to: "Obtain a mercenary license." You will see ACs in the distance that you will be combatting. Handler Walter commands you to eliminate these RLF soldiers.

There is an enemy that will be attacking you from high ground so you can immediately fly over their location first and eliminate them quickly, then jump back down to the remaining enemies on the ground. When you're done, continue flying toward the city below where you will scavenge for a usable mercenary license.

6 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min

Handler Walter will continuously communicate with you and will be updating your screen with markers to check. These are the detected AC wrecks in the city and you will have to check each one if they're carrying usable licenses and, if it's suitable for your mech. In each location, you will be fighting RLF soldiers with different units. There will be some ACs with a shield that will require you to get closer to them and strike them with your blade. Keep following the markers on your screen that will guide you to each of the AC wrecks, and while on the way to the second marker, you will see a heavy combat AC from PCA hovering above the city. There's nothing to do at the moment except keep looking for a usable license. Each of these licenses will be marked and you will be stopped by multiple enemies.

9 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min10 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min12 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min

Make sure to keep an eye out on your unit if you need to use a repair kit before proceeding to the next location. You will find another catapult to launch you to the next marker where you will retrieve the license from the 4th location. While you are extracting the license from the AC wreck, the combat aircraft that was seen hovering earlier will come swooping in before Handler Walter could read the details of the license. He commands you to eliminate the AH12: HC Helicopter and your objective will be updated to: "Destroy the PCA heavy combat helicopter."

13 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min16 illegal entry missions walkthrough armored core 6 wiki guide min

While going against this boss, make sure to close the gap between you and the huge mech to avoid taking heavy damage. The AH12 is weak to blade attacks and you can use that to your advantage. There are also buildings nearby that you can use to shield yourself while you are recovering or using a repair kit. The mission will be marked completed and you will be rewarded with 170,000 COAM.




Illegal Entry Map

Map Coming Soon




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