ia c01g aorta


EN Capacity: 3000  
EN Recharge: 238  
Supply Recovery: 333  
Weight: 4330  
EN Output: 3500  

IA-C01G AORTA is a Generator Part in Armored Core 6. The Generator is one of three Parts of the player's Inner Frame. Generators are the primary propulsion system for every Armored Core and influence it's energy capacity, recharge, as well as supply recovery. Each part of the Frame determines the player character's defensive capabilities, as well as their appearance.


Coral-based internal combustion generator developed long ago by the Rubicon Research Institute. This model takes advantage of the coral's biological traits, enabling rapid recovery by pushing combustion to its limit.


How to Get IA-C01G AORTA in Armored Core 6


Armored Core 6 IA-C01G AORTA Full Specs

  • EN Capacity: 3000
  • EN Recharge: 238
  • Supply Recovery: 333
  • Post-Recovery EN Supply: 2000
  • Energy Firearm Spec.: 105


Armored Core 6 IA-C01G AORTA Notes & Tips

  •  The AORTA allows for a unique playstyle compared other generators in Armored Core 6. The optimal way to play with this generator is to repeatedly exhaust your EN rather than letting it recharge. The Recovery delay is significantly shorter than its EN Recharge delay and 2000 EN (67% of the EN bar) is instantly restored after recovery.
  • Using this generator could allow your AC to remain airborne indefinitely given sufficient altitude.
  • A screenshot of it's location can be found here:
  • aortageneratorlocation



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